Client Feedback

What Achievers Are Saying About Joseph Faust…


My successful coaching journey with Joseph:

overcoming unhealthy habits, getting clear, dreaming of a business,

creating a business plan, blue printing and building the facility,

hiring and training employees, creating positive cash flow,

streamlining systems; enjoying my relationships, my life,

and a thriving business”.

Greg Thomas

Owner, Exposition Studios

“Joseph’s coaching, strategies and tools are spot on.

They are helping me bring forward my best.

His insights are making a remarkable difference in my business

and personal relationships. I recommend him to my family and to my clients.”

Neil Gumenick, M.Ac. (UK), L.Ac., Dipl. Ac.,
Founder and Director of The Institute of Classical Five-Element Acupuncture



“As an educator of America’s youth for more than twenty years,

I can honestly state that your process is by far the fastest, easiest way to:

  • Enhance the learning process
  • Empower one for the future
  • Eliminate past blockages and triggers

This is truly an effortless, painless, and instant method for anyone

to employ in improving the quality of their lives!”

Georgene R. Dhawan, Ph.D.

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“Working with Joseph has opened up my life to possibility.

I now have tools to get my needs met; can choose who I’m willing to be,

what I’m willing to have, because I have learned how to release

old emotional patterns and restrictive belief systems.

My career is on track, money is flowing in and I am excited and happy to be alive.”

Christina Belford

Actor Screen Actors Guild, Board of Directors


“I come across a lot of situations that I think are complicated.

Joseph has a way of taking what seems complicated and reframing

it in an accessible and sensible way. I have found that I can take what

Joseph has taught me, and the distinctions he has given me,

and use them to live a more healthy and happy life.

From language to personal relationships to dealing with stress to nutrition,

Joseph is, in a word, sane. This is a high compliment I give to very few people.

If you seek sanity yourself, I urge you to talk to Joseph and participate in his courses.

Then use what he teaches, and see the results.”

Ashley E. Maynard

Ph.D., Associate Professor and Chair

Profound change. Evolutionary growth. Generative healing.

Working with Joseph transformed my experience of self at a core level.”

Dr. Barbara Cohen



“What I experience with Joseph is the joyful ordering of a lot of loose thoughts,

half-finished therapies and incredible new information. My clarity, purposefulness,

and internal peace has increased exponentially.”

Stuart Hoffman
Doctor of Chiropractic, Well Person Life Enhancement Center

“Joseph understands how to bring out the best in people.
He’s a teacher’s teacher and a coach’s coach.

Both my relationships with loved ones and my business
are benefiting by working with Joseph. He’s a true master
in what it takes to be a champion in life.”

Keith Hirbayashi, Four-time National Champion,

Black Belt Hall of Fame, Owner of Champion’s Martial Arts


  • Want to play bigger? Get a coach.
  • Most amateurs don’t have coaches…professionals do.
  • When is a good time to hire a coach? When you seek something important!