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Work Smart Live Well: MEETING CLIENTS

Why you want to Meet Clients during Your IDEAL DAY…


When you meet clients during your IDEAL DAY, you feel great and your clients experience the best that you can provide.


How to live your IDEAL DAY DESIGN every day…

Do the IDEAL DAY DESIGN exercise; this process can positively change your Life, forever!

This powerful process will help you shift from life being a struggle to life being based on your ideal design. You will actually see the life you wish to live.

To do this exercise:

Imagine that you have zero physical, financial, relational or geographic (location) limitations…exceptions are that, you must:

  • live consistent with the laws of nature, local governmental laws, and your personal values
  • live one specific day repeatedly 4 or 5 days a week, for the next 10 years (important details below)!

Doing this exercise helps you see your true target for your ideal lifestyle.

What will you include in your IDEAL DAY DESIGN?

More Benefits of the IDEAL DAY DESIGN Process

  • Your IDEAL DAY DESIGN will help your coach support you in creating the life you desire.
  • IDEAL DAY DESIGN helps you create a game plan for your daily life… with a little coaching… many people find IDEAL DAY DESIGN to be a total life-game-changing step.

Because this ONE exercise absolutely has the power to massively upgrade the quality of your life…go back and read this exercise again and then begin planning the 24 hours you would MOST love to live, if you had to live one day repeatedly for ten years.

If you remain unclear about your IDEAL DAY (life) DESIGN, how can you deliberately design your business to support your life?

Without clarity on your IDEAL DAY (life) DESIGN you will likely end up sacrificing your joy in life to support your business. I invite you to choose the former.

    Choose to: Work Smart Live Well

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