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Business Coaching is about:

Helping businesses, their owners, team members, and customers to thrive through the development of trustworthy leaders that inspire trust and foster team alignment.

Joseph Faust, Entrepreneur, Strategy Adviser, N.L.P. Productivity Expert, Lover of Life and Deep Relationships…

For over 20 years, Joseph Faust has served as an adviser to leaders who seek the tools to transform the quality of their businesses, their lives, and the lives of those they serve.

Joseph’s offers some “Work Smart Live Well” insights on this Video:

Currently, the clients that Joseph provides the greatest value to are… single male business owners – who love and appreciate women, on their leadership skills and productivity, and singles and couples who want to live an extraordinary quality of life and love life.

Joseph is  also an entrepreneur, author, NLP trainer.

Joseph is the founder of:

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and the following personal empowerment products,

Money Management Method     Productivity Toolkit     

Joseph’s main website is:






These innovative resources are a compilation of over twenty years of learning, advising, and coaching, along with his personal transformation. Joseph is dedicated to working with clients to apply win-win-win strategies and live extraordinary lives.

Which leads to serving as a…

Professional Development Coach for some and a Core Strategy Adviser for others! 
For over 20 years, Joseph Faust has served leaders as a core adviser by providing game-changing distinctions and strategies.

Joseph’s in depth modeling of exceptional human functioning is a powerful resource base for those who choose to work with him.

Joseph works with clients to...

increase their clarity, skills, effectiveness and to apply proven sustainable success strategies. Life design, business process design (including employee selection and training), and relationship development are just some of the processes Joseph’s clients value and benefit from.

Joseph is exceedingly strong at...

life design, making strategic and linguistic distinctions, and human-environment-business-productivity design, and the fundamentals of win-win relationships.

Joseph has earned a reputation as being extraordinarily skilled with N.L.P. and its many applications for rapid lasting positive change. Many times Joseph has worked with clients to clear “phobias and other intense automatic responses to traumatic events” in one session.

Joseph practices a holistic approach to coaching which means he looks at how all areas of your life are connected.

“This is truly an effortless, painless, and instant method for anyone to employ in improving the quality of their lives!” ~Georgene R. Dhawan, Ph.D See the original scanned testimonial.

Historical Info. While attenting the University of California...

at Santa Barbara, Joseph’s major areas of study included sociology, psychology and anthropology.

  • To help pay for college, Joseph took nine months off to travel to Italy and Switzerland to work as a fashion model. His modeling highlight was working alongside Nicole Kidman for Vogue Australia.
  • In 1988, Joseph graduated with honors and continued his intensive studies in human excellence by: Achieving a 1st Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. During Joseph’s martial arts training, he developed high levels of focus, tenacity, and the ability to be present and centered in challenging circumstances. These are key resources he presently utilizes when working with clients.
  • Succeeding in a multi-decade journey to ultimately become known as an expert in Neuro-Linguistic Programming processes and becoming one of the first in the world to integrate NLP with coaching. (NLP is known as the art and science of human excellence).

Since 1992, Joseph has collaborated with...

and provided sustainable success strategies to businesses, groups, families, family offices, couples and individuals by offering multi-day seminars, team trainings and masterminds, as well as provided private breakthrough sessions to some the most challenged and to some of the most successful people in Los Angeles.

Joseph contributed to developing the personal coaching industry by...

creating the Life Coaching Center, in 1995 in Santa Monica, California. This transformation center was a resource for people committed to living extraordinary lives. There, people received intensive support for creating their dreams and making them a reality. The center was later renamed LA Coaching Center. The LA Coaching Center now serves to train extraordinary Life Coaches.

Beginning in August 2013, Joseph and the LA Coaching Club coaches will host the LA Coaching Circle,  LIVE Transformational Coaching events in Santa Monica California.

Joseph's culturally diverse life experience...

has contributed to his awareness and appreciation of different cultural customs, values and belief systems. His esteem for diversity, combined with his skill with language, strategies and design have strengthened his ability to bring forth the best in people and companies from a variety of backgrounds to create bridges of understanding and trust. With understanding, trust, inspiration and effective tools, Joseph works with clients in utilizing win-win-win strategies to achieve their goals, find solutions to their most pressing problems and create their Ideal Life Experience.

Joseph bases his work on...

his love for people, the planet and his passion for relationship principles. NLP. And Personal and Professional Success Principles that form the foundation of, Human Dynamics, Win-Win-Win Strategies, Pattern Recognition (a deep study into how lasting transformational change happens) and his extraordinary life experiences.

Some of the projects Joseph is currently developing include...


  • Best Life Playbook
  • Get Fit Toolkit   
  • Warrior With Heart
  • The Love Course 

Personal: Joseph is based...

in Santa Monica, California. He enjoys outdoor activities and new adventures, such as surfing, (in his younger years he considered becoming a pro skateboarder), martial arts, snow and water skiing, basketball, rollerblading, massage, and cooking homemade organic foods. His favorite meals include Macrobiotic, Indian and Chinese cuisine. His favorite dessert is Luna and Larry’s Organic Coconut Bliss ice cream.

Joseph’s love for innovation and entrepreneurship is influenced by his Father’s entrepreneurial example. Joseph’s father is also a former U.S. Olympic Athlete and one of the founders of the hang gliding movement. 

Q. Joseph what do you like best about coaching?

A. The joy of helping people play bigger in life, AND PLAY BETTER, and THRIVE!

Get free of obstacles that have limited their freedom and power.

To assist men in clarifying their life purpose.

Ultimately live a life they love, every day!

Joseph wins when you win!

Joseph’s clients have said things like: “It felt like shackles were being removed as we were talking together”. Read Testimony

Joseph is a strategic adviser… to experts, achievers and leaders who seek their next level of success – on their terms.

  • If you want to play bigger… get the right coach.
  • Most amateurs don’t have coaches…professionals do.
  • When is it a good time to hire a coach? When you seek something important!

Interested in making changes that produce real and lasting results?

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