Big Picture

 The Work Smart Live Well program 

      helps entrepreneurs and conscious business owners… 

      to live their personal and professional dreams.

I created Work Smart Live Well Program

  • to help my business owner clients who care about people, the planet and profit, with the design of their business, the design of their lives, and their financial beliefs (and strategies)
  • to enrich their relationship with money (their entire cash-flow-system)
  • so my clients could create a successful and sustainable business that supported them in living their dream life

Work Smart Live Well is for...

  • people who want to get CLEAR about what matters most to them
  • is for business owners, and for future business owners… who want the essential tools to create a six figure income
  • people who seek extraordinary personal and professional success
  • Work Smart Live Well will make it easy to...

    • identify which areas of your cash-flow-system need more attention
    • enjoy more personal and professional success

    Watch Dr. D interview Joseph on the “Wellness Entertainment Network”

    Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity. ~Albert Einstein

    • Courage is essential… it creates possibilities.
    • Integrity is what allows possibilities to manifest through time and create real fulfillment. Build both courage and integrity.
    • Want to play bigger… get a coach.
    • Most amateurs don’t have coaches…professionals do.
    • When is a good time to hire a coach? When you seek something important!