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Providing value integrates the merging of many ideas and points of view and is a co-creative process, essential for success.

ADD MORE VALUE to people’s lives…

make providing remarkable service, your PRIMARY BUSINESS goal!

The following steps provide useful insights and prepare you for coaching with Joseph.

Actual coaching sessions are tailored for each client!

Advance deliberately and without undue hast and you shall prevail…

Provide More Value to Your Clients: Part 1



  • How CLEAR are you about what is MOST IMPORTANT to your client?
  • How well is your client getting his/her NEEDS MET?
  • How well is your client fulfilling his/her DREAMS?



  • What CAN you provide your client…that only YOU can provide?
  • What COULD you provide your client…that only YOU can provide?


Provide More Value to Your Clients: Part 2


  • Offer valuable samples of your products and/or the services.
  • On this website there are many samples…for additional samples you can visit my other websites:




or “Contact Joseph” and share what you would most like to create and by when (and ask for additional samples). If you include your website address you might even be offered a phone based sample of coaching, depending on availability.

You can provide more value when you get the assistance you need!

Most business owners need more assistance…

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