“Most men’s ultimate reason for doing anything has to do with becoming totally free and giving their fullest gift.” – From “The Way of the Superior Man,” a book by David Deida

Work Smart Live Well: SUSTAINABILITY

Real opportunity is often hidden inside difficult situations.

“Instead of trying to control that which is outside your control…

focus on increasing the quality of your contribution.” – Joseph Faust

Part 1: SUSTAINABILITY, Core Essentials

Begin by placing your attention on one thing at a time.

  • Focus on what matters most.
  • Split attention reduces the depth of your engagement and reduces effectiveness.


  • CULTIVATE EMPOWERING EMOTIONS: how you feel impacts how you think and perform
  • INTEGRITY: Adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty. The state of being whole or undiminished.

        Example of Integrity in action: Put your integrity before your needs, and your needs before your desires.

  • CREATE WIN-WIN partnerships


Financial Belief Coaching” (FBC). FBC allows you to choose the beliefs that support you!

welcome prosperity“Personal beliefs create personal realities; only always!” – Joseph Faust

Replace “unsupportive financial beliefs” with “supportive financial beliefs”.

Adopt the key beliefs needed for building a successful and sustainable business.


Beliefs are more powerful than positive thinking. Positive thinking takes attention; beliefs work AUTOMATICALLY.


Regardless of past experiences or conditioning…limiting beliefs CAN be transformed into supportive beliefs like the following table displays. Once your limiting beliefs are transformed, your life will automatically reorient to more of the experiences you prefer.


Examples of Supportive “Business Owner” Beliefs:

I am resourceful.  I am clear who my community is. I am trustworthy. I like/love people. I enjoy cash flow clarity.
I am a leader.
I am here to serve my community and to receive from them as well. It is okay to be heard and seen. I like/love my community.
I have 
legal support.
I take care of my energy. I deliver quality samples. I am supportive. I work in extraordinary environments.
I enjoy living in alignment with what matters most to me. I deliver quality goods. I am supported. I create and receive massive value.
I plan my activities well. I provide value before receiving. I apply Lean Business Design
I am a creator of value.
I take good care of my community.

 “We don’t see things as they are we see things as we are.” -Anaïs Nin

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Part 3: Lean Business Design (LBD)

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – Buckminster Fuller

              LBD is about doing… “Just What Works”

Joseph can assist you to design a winning environment.

Lean Business Design is part of that!

Discover if Lean Business DESIGN is right for you by asking four questions:

Rate questions based on your current level of satisfaction 1-5, (5 equals complete satisfaction)

  1. How satisfied are you with your current family situation? (1-2-3-4-5)
  2. How satisfied are you with your current business situation? (1-2-3-4-5)
  3. How satisfied are you with your employees’ performance? (1-2-3-4-5)
  4. How satisfied are you with your health and the quality of your environments? (1-2-3-4-5)

What’s your total score?

  • Complete satisfaction score equals 20.
  • Any number smaller than 20 represents a gap that Lean Business DESIGN (LBD) can help you bridge.

Listen now to Joseph Faust < recording coming soon as he shares the essence of LBD… it can help your business today.

Every business can reduce 8 major wastes by proper design:

  • Design out means to create and implement a design such that something no longer occurs.
  • Example: computers “designed out” the need for “white out”, to fix typing error corrections.

 Design Out Waste – During the Design Phase – examples below






 Over Processing






 Unnecessary Movement People


 Unnecessary Movement of Things


 Underutilization of Talent


You see, LBD is about eliminating waste – before creating any waste!

Eliminating waste during the design phase.

LBD supports you by designing out 8 major wastes in order to create a leaner―and therefore―greener, and more profitable business!

Lean Business DESIGN: produces value for your clients at the lowest cost to you, your company, employees and the environment, by eliminating waste in the design phase of a business (or business project).

Ultimately you end up with more money to invest and to spend wisely… because you have eliminated waste. 

Fact: LBD is what successful businesses of the future–are doing now.

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